Thealoz Duo®

It’s an ecosystem, not just a drop

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Seeing is relieving

Thealoz Duo® is a unique preservative-free treatment for dry eye disease that restores the eye’s normal environment with bioprotection and osmoregulation.

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Thealoz Duo® at a Glance

  • Trehalose + Sodium Hyaluronate = Thealoz Duo®.
  • A preservative-free treatment for dry eye disease.
  • Clinically proven to stabilize tear film, reduce inflammatory markers and restore normal osmotic balance.
  • Significantly alleviates symptoms and restores the ecosystem of the eye.
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Thealoz Duo® Stabilizes the Tear Film

Extend relief of dry eyes with a thicker tear film

Relative tear film thickness over time after instillation of Thealoz Duo®, hyaluronic acid, and sodium chloride

Tear Film Thickness:
After 10 minutes, Thealoz Duo® increased tear film thickness by 40% more than hyaluronic acid alone (29% vs 21%)*

Residence Time:
Thealoz Duo® maintained a significant increase in tear film thickness for nearly 4 hours, almost 6 times longer than hyaluronic acid alone*

Thealoz Duo® Reduces Inflammatory Markers

After only 2 months inflammatory markers are reduced by an average of 58%

Thealoz Duo® Restores Osmotic Balance

Trehalose restores cell volume and stabilizes protein function, providing protection from hyperosmolarity

Normal Tear:
Healthy tears with a normal salt concentration

Tears in dry eye with an elevated salt concentration (hyperosmolarity and decreased volume)

Thealoz Duo® Reduces Dry Eye Symptoms

Patients like the look of their new eye environment

Percentage of patients in moderate and severe OSDI classes

After only five weeks of treatment:

  • Patients with moderate to severe OSDI scores were reduced by 60%, vs. 36% with hyaluronic acid, alone.
  • 1 out of 4 Thealoz Duo® patients were completely free of dry eye symptoms.
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